Oz : Book vs. Movie

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Book vs. Movie (Pt. 6)

As a child when I first saw this movie I was slightly scared to be honest! I found the straw man creepy! That's pretty much everything I remember from wathcing it when I was small...

I decided to read the first book in this series as my classic for some month.
The movie did change a lot of things, but I didn\t mind that much. Both were entertaing and all but as usual the book was better, and this time way better. I was a bit sad about that since the book was so fun to read. It was short and jolly and I was missing that from the movie.

As for the newer movie version Oz the Great and Powerful I really enjoyed that. It was definetly not the same story, not even trying to e, but it was in th esame world with the same(ish) characters. I also really liked how they incorporated scenes from the book that the first movie did not (correct me if I\m wrong). Even so the book was again better.

Which movie did I like better? I\d say the latter. But then again it was not jolly like what I wanted from the first one so am I right to comapre them if they are that different, with different approaches to viewers? I don\t know but on an enjoyment level i\d have to stick to my answer.
Any opinions?

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