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I find that the best way to get out of a reading slump is by rereading old favourites, so here is a list of those that I've reread and the amount of times I have done so.
I also have a long list for ones I really want to read again...

Babe (7)
Harry Potter (3, some individuals more than that)
Goose Girl (3)
Statistical Prob. (3)
Ella ja Kaverit 1-7 (3)
Gallagher Girls 1-6 (3)

And all the rest I have read twice:
Alice in Zombieland 1-2
Alice in Wonderland
The Little Prince
Miss Per.
How to be an alien
Heist Society 1-3
Anna and the french kiss
Ruby red
Ella Enchanted
Dear John
Half Magic
Multiple Roald Dahl books (Witches, BFG, Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate...)
Serenity: graphic novels
The Naturals
The Worst Wich

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