Keys & Humanity
March 16th 2016
Something Different, again

There are things that we connect with “power” of some sorts. Now, what do you think when you think the words elevator and rich? See, I imagine a penthouse, like in movies if you will, where you need a key or keycard to access certain areas. And I had never thought that I wanted to access a floor like that, until I got the chance that is.
            So there I was in the elevator, taking the trash out from a cafĂ© – fancy right - , and they gave me a key and told me what to do. The feeling though, of seeing an ordinary row of buttons and a keyhole in an elevator, knowing I had the key! It made me feel so good, for a reason or another. It’s not like it was a penthouse or anything, it was the garage where I could sort the trash, but still!

            So it got me thinking, what other ordinary things do I associate with power and/or fancy living. And well, I haven’t come up with anything, yet, but I still find it peculiar. I mean a key and lock is quite a simple thing, and yet I found it to be this magnificent thing. So what does this tell about humanity, or maybe it’s just me…

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