Bookish Buzzwords

& Auto-Buy Authors

Bookish buzzwords? >If you hear a book discribed with a particular word you immediately want to read it
Auto-buy authors? >If a certain author publishes a new book you want to read it
                                    (even if you don't know a thing about it)

Bookish buzzwords:
Fairytale retelling (mythology not really)
        e.g. The Lunar Chronicles
Goose-Girl retelling
        e.g. The Books of Bayern book 1: Goose-Girl, Thorn...
Royal in hiding/royal marriage for power
        e.g. Kiss of Deception, Book of Ivy
Agent boarding-school
        e.g. Etiquette & Espioange, Gallagher Girls
Team of genius agents
        e.g. The Naturals
Assassin/thieves (with this, since there are so many books with them, I usually want some other aspect to be in it as well)
        e.g. Assassins Curse, Graceling, Throne of Glass, Poison Study...
        e.g. Heist Society, Six of Crows

Auto-buy authors (and how many I've read by them):
Katie West (contemp. ones) 3
Ally Carter 10
Veronica Roth (only one series is published so we'll see if it remains as one)
Kerstin Gier 4
Stephanie Perkins 3 (same as Roth so we'll see)

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