I made one of these a year ago link, which has the classics I've read for my "classic-a-month" challenge I've been doing for the past few years.

>Now the word of being a classic can vary depending on who says it. And it also varies what someone thinks is a classic so here is my take... And there a couple that I'll put into this list but do not necessarily classify as a full on classics.

May-Aug: "Lukudiplomi" for Finnish Class
    Between Shades of Gray
     The Bell Jar
      Tortilla Flat
     And Then There Were None
      Princess Bride
Sep: Speak
        The Help
Oct: Dracula
Nov: The Leaning Tower
Dec: Ozma of Oz

Jan: Marvelous Land of Oz
Feb: Merry Men and Other Stories
Mar: Short sotries: Grimm, Wilde, Stevenson
        Tom Sawyer
         Poems: Wilde, Poe
Apr: Picture of Dorian Gray
         Sherlock Holmes: 2,3,4,6
May: Oliver Twist
Jun: Sense and Sensibility
Jul: Catcher in the Rye
        Wuthering Heights
Aug: ^
Sep: Metamorphosis
Dec: Five Little Pigs

(I doubt I will be updating this everytime I read a classic so do note that)

UPDATE I will be making a new one for 2017!

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