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1. Recovering the Classics has all kinds of new covers for classics, and let me tell you: they are so well done! One of my faves is Dracula by Steve St. Pierre.
The website works by showing fan made covers for classics in an attempt to spread the joy of them.

2. From Cover to Cover is an ongoing project where the maker designs new covers for books they've read.
One of my faves is the Book Thief.

3. For great bookish ideas to buy and see RedBubble & Bookishly are the ways to go

4. For keeping up with all my readings/new releases & other fun stuff I use Goodreads (link to my page).

5. For finding free & cheap eBooks I use BookBub, where you sign up (for free), pick the genres you read and your preference on what platform you read on (kindle, kobo, etc.), and they send you lists of ebooks you might be interested every so often you want.

6. If you are a writer and/or just simply love writing, NaNoWriMo is for you. During November you have 30 days to write a 50 000 word novel. They boost you up and though it might not be for you, you should still check it out.

7And lastly the place I go to for bookish pictures, text posts & randomness is Tumblr (link to my page).

Nothing to do with books BUT it is just amazing:
27 Incredible Views You'd Only See If You Were A Bird link
giant hyperrealistic scluptures of everyday objects by Rmulo Celdrn link
Read on lovelies,

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