Fairytale Retellings pt.2

Top 10

I did a part one 2 years ago, link, and felt the need to do another one, since I really love fairytale retellings!

1. Goose-Girl / Thorn
One of my favourite fairytales is the Grimm brothers' story Goose-Girl, so I'm kinda always looking out for retellings of it.
So far Goose-Girl by Shannon Hale which I love (and it has three companion novels in the series!)
Another one I've read is Thorn, which was an interesting take but could've been more developed.

2. Wrath and the Dawn
This retelling duology has been really popular in the last year, and it tells the story of Shahrzad and retells the story of A Thousand and One Nights.

3. Alice in Zombieland
Loosely based on Alice in Wonderland, it tells the story of Alice Bell and you can gether what it's about from the title.

4. Just Ella
This is a very clever take on Cinderella where Ella tries to deal with her new-found status and a prince who is certainly not charming.

5. Isle of the Lost
This is the book prequel-type-thing to Disney's movie Descendants. The book is about the children of the banished villains who are trying to escape their island.
I liked the book and movie and the premise is really interesting, but I won't be continuing on with the series.
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