Book Adaptations


These are (maybe) all the book to movie adaptations coming out this year that I am interested in.
*bolded* -  the ones are adapted fromcomics
*space before the title* - The indented ones I'm not sure if I'll watch

Books&Lala made a blog post about ones she is looking forward to with more variety so check that out: link

Series of Unfortunate Events (Going on)
A Monster Calls (Came out)
    Before I Fall (March)
Beauty and the Beast (March)
    Logan (Mar)
         ^aka Wolverine
Charming (April)
        ^this is a animated musical comedy about fairytales, with Demi Lovato, Sia, Avril Lavigne,
         Ashley Tisdale etc. as voices
Everything, everything (May)
Gardians of the Galaxy 2 (May)
     Captain Underpants (June)
Wonder Woman (June)
     Despicable Me 3 (June)
Divergent: ascendant Tv movie (June) (?)
Spider-man (July)
     Valerian (Jul)
Kingsman (Sept)
Murder on the Orient Express (Nov)
Let it Snow (Nov)
Wonder (Nov)
Justice League (Nov)
     Thor (Nov)
Star Wars VIII (Dec)
  Pitch Perfect 3 (Dec)
         ^you're all wondering why this is here: the first movie was technically based on a non-fiction
          book, and I'm just really excited for this movie so I listed it

Unspecified, (release):
Ashes in the Snow (aka Between Shades of Gray)
Little Mermaid
Lion King
Descendants 2 TV movie
    Big Little Lies TV show

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