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I have made a decision to only buy a classic after I've read them and if I enjoyed it (see myself reading it again). I have made ecxeptions with volumes and collections!
*For me classics are easily found from the library to read and access quickly.*
So when I do I tend to want a nice copy of it, whereas before I would buy cheap copies before I read it.

So here are my takes on different editions of classic book and why I gravitate towards some.
>> I'll only be writing about the editions I own & ones I really like (blue<<

1. Affordable
Collins Classics
   - my favourites because they look really nice with multiple next to each other
Wordsworth Editions
   - the blue ones aren't really to my liking, but they also have other editions like my The Little Prince
Dover Thrift Editions
   - the cheapest and they also have poem collections and other smaller volumes
Tor Classics
   - A basic mass market paperback
Signet Classics (Penguin)
Barnes & Noble paperbacks
Oxford World Classics

2. Paperbacks
3. Special paperbacks
Penguin Classics
   - they have a good variety of everything and I have a post about some link
Word Cloud Classics
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Deluxe edition
2. (L to R) Penguin play, Classic Penguin Books,
Penguin Book Editions & Pocket Penguins


4. Hardbacks & volumes
Sterling Classics
Fall River
   - Illustrated collections that aren't too expensive. They are very beautiful but the size can be an issue when reading it (like the Shakespeare collection) but my other copies don't have that problem.
   - (Same hight as the Barnes & Noble leather bound books)
Bounty Books
   - Illustrated collections and novel volumes. I love how they go well together, but the thing I love is that the size is not uncomfortable to hold and to read, and the text size is not compromized when doing so

4.1 Fall River classics
4.2 Bounty Books

5. Special
Penguin cloth bound
   - They are more expensive and I don't hink I'll be buying more of them but they are really pretty
Barnes & Noble leatherbound
   - These are also more expensive but they have such gorgeous illustrations and the edges are metallic
Penguin Drop Caps

On the spines of my volumes the small yellow stars mark novels that are unread and the bigger red stars mean that the volume has unread short stories/poems (the number of them isn't of significance).
The post-its on the top of the books mark unread novels or short stories (and every 50 pages of poems). When I've read one I take the post-it out or if I really liked it I move it to the long side of the book.

6. Misc./occasional
(I might fall in love with a certain cover and buy it even though it won't match others)
   - The Boy in the Striped Pajama the 10th anniversary edition
Simon & Schuster
   - The Princess Bride the 25th anniversary edition (I always get questions when I feature it in a picture!)
   Penguin Perigee
   - It is quite narrow but tall
   Penguin Puffin Books
   - I really like these, the size is quite small with deckled edges
   - (Same hight as the Collins Classics)
6.3 Teos & Tammi
Read on lovelies,

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