20 bookish facts about me

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I just graduated, and I find that people ask me all the same things over and over: plans, thoughts, feelings and mostly the normal questions for catching up with people.

So I decided to do a list of bookish facts about me, since I didn't have written anything for this weekend.

  1.  Sometimes I just don't feel like reading, and not always because of a book hangover
  2. I can read fast, or slow - all depending on my mood and how much I like the book
  3. LOVE cataloging data on books on both my Goodreads and in an Excel spreadsheet
  4. Totally judge books by their covers...
  5. Love reading the dedications
  6. Underline and tab books (post it the sides)
  7. ...but I DON'T dog ear or write in them
  8. Feeling of reading a book for the first time? I wouldn't be that interested in it. I love that I get something new from it everytime- I feel like I never read the same book
  9. Prefer paperbacks - and floppy ones at that
  10. Used to never DNF books, but I've come to realize it's not worth waisting your time in the
  11. Can't drink or eat while reading
  12. Don't buy books on a whim
  13. Reading at any time of day
  14. I am totally fine with lending books
  15. I don't really read books in my first language
  16. I feel like I always fall for the character that dies, in both movies and books
  17. I own one signed book
  18. I am a mood reader and it can take me days to find the book to read
  19. It bothers me when the authors name is bigger than the books name on the cover
  20. I push off reading last books in series... to the point where I don't remember anything from the books anymore
Read on lovelies,

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