Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir : Review

Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

*ARC kindly provided by the publisher Penguin in exchange for an honest review!*

Publication: June 12th

Third in the Ember Quartet
Beyond the Empire and within it, the threat of war looms ever larger.

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Stars: ✦✦✦✦.5
So as usual, I'll tell 4.5 things I liked about the book and 0.5 thing I didn't like.

So what did I think?

+1 | The world and magic is different and intriguing: ancient Rome meets magic.

+1 | We learn more about the characters, and they continue to grow.

+1 | Jumps right back into the action, and doesn't stop. Tahir kept me at the edge of my seat, and I never knew what would happen.

+/-0.5  | Partially from the beautiful writing, partly from everything else, but I just wanted to devour the book and it just flew by. There were certain parts where the pace would slow down more significantly, but nothing too major.

+1  | The ending. Emotions, action, twists ... and I just want the next book! Which will take some time, because even this book hasn't been released yet.

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