Valentine’s Book Tag

Valentine’s Book Tag


Image result for hans andersen barnes1. What book have you been given as a gift that you loved?
Tons! My copy of Andersen fairy tales for example
2. What book would you like to give as a gift to someone else?
Image result for my lady janeMy Lady Jane is the first that comes to mind
3. If you could gift a random person any bookish item, what would it be?
A kindle maybe
4. If you could gift a random person any non-bookish item, what would it be?
A notebook - you can get so creative and everyone will go about it so differently
5. What do you say when a person gives you a gift you don’t like?
Image result for the kiss quotientSmile and thank them, there's always something good about everything
6. Mention a book based around Valentine’s Day.
The last romance book I read was probably The Kiss Quotient, which doesn't involve Valentine's day...
7. Mention any two tips for blogging as a gift to other bloggers and to those who may want to start a blog.
Whatever makes you happy will make someone else happy, and that's the person you want to connect with.
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