How I Rate Books

When reviewing a book I like saying as many good things as I gave stars, and as many bad things as I didn't give stars... If that makes any sense.
So if I give something 3/5 stars I say 3 good things and 2 "bad" things or things I didn't enjoy.
I love this system since it also clears my head on what I rate it, and this way I don't nitpick on that weren't that consequential.

So first when reading, and right after, I think about the:

>World (if fantasy for example)
>World building
>Overall: If part of a series would I continue it?

And if you were wondering I don't give 5 stars easily but neither a 0. So usually a 3 and at times a 2 or a 4 quite often.
I also do give half stars, but usually at that point I'm not sure what to rate it and compare it to others books with similar stars. Though a 4.5 is common for me with loving a book but it having something small that I wasn't a fan of.

Star rating system:
* Nope, maybe even DNF
** Decent? but wouldn't recommend
*** Good & Promising
**** Great & Entertaining
***** Unique & Loved it

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