Unspeakable Acts : review

Unspeakable Acts by Sarah Weinman (editor)

*e-ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review!*

A brilliant anthology of modern true-crime writing that illustrates the appeal of this powerful and popular genre, edited and curated by Sarah Weinman, the award-winning author of The Real Lolita.

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Release Date: July 28th, 2020
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Honestly, I feel a bit weird giving this book a star rating, since it's an anthology accounting true stories.
I did give it one but didn't break it down, like I usually do, to how I came to that rating. Instead, I wrote out my opinions, and what to expect from the book!

Stars: ✦✦✦

• Though not all of the stories were new to me, I still got lots of new information. Though you might want to note, that these are all previously published pieces.

• The collection had vastly different types of cases and also reflects on why some became well known, and why people can be fascinated by them.

 Written by many different people; reporters and journalists, some with ties to the cases, it goes in-depth into 13 cases one by one. As with any anthology, you might end up really liking the style of one and really disliking the next, but fortunately, that didn't happen to me.

 Organized into clear sections separating different types, the book moves well (though you could just read a few here and there if you so choose). The first delves into four crime cases with classics features, the second goes further into cultural interaction related to crime, and the third being more broad and general about criminal justice.

! This book goes through real-life cases, and if you haven't figured it out yet, don't read the book if you are sensitive to reading about true crime cases. !

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