Graceling : review

Kristin Cashore

Graceling is a fantasy book with action and romance. It is in a world where people have Graces. They are skills that can make a person very good at something. For example cooking or climbing trees. These people with Graces can be recognized for their eyes are different color from each other. If you would have a child that turns out to be graced she/he will be taken to the king. If the graced person is useful the king he will keep them, if not they will be sent home.
The book follows around the main character Katsa. She is Graced with killing. As the kings niece she is forced to work for him, by killing anyone he sends her to kill. But can she stand this forever? What happens when she meets Po? What will happen to her when she finds out a new truth about her Grace?

Graceling is simply one of my favorite books. Kristin Cashore can make all the events in the books seem so lively. I adore her writing style, that grabs any reader with it into this amazing world she has created.

Graceling is a New York times bestseller and has a lot of praise from different authors.

Kristin has also written two companion novels to Graceling
called Fire and Bitterblue.


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