Leaving Poppy : review

By: Kate Cann

501692If you have been reading this blog for a longer amount of time you must be aware that I don't read horror books. Sure I watch Hannibal and shows like NCIS but that is a different kind of horror for me. I enjoy watching those but in books I need to create what I see. Not that that makes any sense... Anyway so nope horror isn't my thing.
Now a while ago I decided I would try out a horror book. I decided on this book since I already owned it and it didn't seem too creepy. So I started and it was fine. It was quite creepy I must say but I managed! I will say that I won't be reading another horror book anytime soon...

Goodreads's thing-ma-jic:
Amber's forging a new life for herself, when suddenly she falls ill and her family come to look after her. However, something in the house responds to Poppy's presence, something malign and threatening. Evil seems to permeate everywhere and Amber thinks she might never be able to escape.

If you want to expand the genres you read and move to horror I think this is an optimal book to start with. It gives a good amount horror. Even though the text really brings out the creepiness it is softened up by the likeliness of it all...

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