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A Rambling Story

So this week I decided to do something new. I'm going to tell you a story- a true one that is, which happend to me a couple weeks back. It was around the time of my sisters birthday...

...So I was going around an old book store, shocker right, and I found two books I wanted. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn both by mark Twain. (For those like me who want to know which editions they were back from 1960 and 1944). They were not in teh best of conditions, the others spine was coming off, but I still bought them. Partly because I wanted to give money to an independant bookstore, which had a lovely lady at the counter, and then cause I just really wanted them!

*** Rewind a couple days forward***
I was placing the books onto my shelves, after a long time of moving bits aroud since all my classics didn't fit into that one boxy thingy. And as I was sitting on my chair staring at my books, holding those two new books in my hands, flipping the pages around addmiring them, looking where to place them-- I saw it.

...Flashback to the past (backstory at this point): When my sister and I were small we liked to look for four-leaf clovers. The things is we never found any. Not a single one. Nada. Sigh, back to the book.

It was right there in the corner of my eye, and then the page turned again. Was I imagining it? I flip back again and again without seeing it again. Again and again and then I see it again: A four-leaf clover. I think back to the time looking for them with my sister. And there one is perfectly pressed.

I had finally found one. Now yes I found one, not from nature but what is the propability of finding one between a book at a store. All I can say is lower than from nature!

I then wrote a quote with a quill and put the clover next to it in a frame, to give to my sister as part of her birthday present.

Later that day, from the same book, I found another one pressed which I have yet to frame with a quote.

Which quote should I pick?

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