"I read with a steady diet of fairytales". I love them, I really do, and retellings are one of my favourite things. But the thing is even though I love them, they defenetly have their faults.
           Now I'm talking about the "Prince Charming" and the "Black & Whiteness of the evil step mother". The brothers Grimm of course have great versions, well I suppose they aren't versions if they're the first ones... Well I won't be talking about those ones so here are a couple things.

These are from a movie I just saw, Hallmarks RomCom: Love by the Book.

>You and your perfect guy make the fairytale right for you. He doesn't appear already in shining armour.

>The thing with fairytales is sometimes you need to get out of your tower to find your prince. You can't expect to them find you in a tower.

>And remember that there is no prince charming. It's not a one-fits-all thing, and you just need to find yours.

>Another thing is, sometimes the villain is in sheeps clothing and you can never look at is as a black and white picture. Not all things go to only the other.

>When cinderella went to the ball, she had no idea her life was going to change. She just needed a night out.

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