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I know people are confused by what my shelf names in goodreads mean so here:
(I like to keep the names of them short so it's easy to see what is what for me)

Amongst the "read" "currently-reading" and "to-read" I made a shelf for those that I "didn't_finish_yet-never": this is for both ones I never finished and don't plan on finishing and those that I do still plan on reading.

*have ‎(294)           Suprisingly, these are the ones I own
*review-done ‎(37)         Books I've reviewed 
arc-giveaway-sent4review ‎(14)  Books and ARCs sent for review
at-some-point ‎(0) ‎         Those that I want to own, and have read
bros-books ‎(0)          The books I want to read from my brothers and sisters shelves
classics-awards_read ‎(87)       Books I have read that are classics or have awards
classics-to ‎(9)            Classics I want to read, which I don't own
continuation ‎(21)        Books I own the previus book(s) from but haven't read, and so don't know if I will get. + ones I have read the previous one(s) from and do know that I want to get (just to see how many series I have going on)
get ‎(17) ‎       Books I want to buy and read
graphic-novels ‎(64)   Graphic novels that I've read
library ‎(13)       Books I want to read, but don't know if I want to buy it, so I'll read it from the library first (doesn't work too often since I can't get most books I want to read from the library here)
tbr ‎(13)               My To Be Read pile  (books I own but haven't read)
tbr-classics ‎(5)       My TBR pile for classics (which aren't included in the "TBR" one above)

The last three are related to my TBR:
x-dgt ‎(1)          The books, in my TBR, which I bought before 2016 (if you've been following me, then these are the ones I didn't get to for last years goal. Explained here link)
y-16 ‎(7)        The books I bought last year (2016), and haven't read (so for this years goal, again check previous link)
z-17 ‎(5)          Books I have bought this year, and haven't read (so if unread at the end of the year, then they go to next years goal)

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