The Crown : review

(book 2(5))
Kiera Cass
This is the last (can we actually keep it the last one this time?!) book in the Selection series' sequel duology thingmagic, with America's daughter now having her own selection.

+ there won't be any spoilers in the main review, but I added some to the end with a warning right before!
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>I gave this book 2.0 stars and decided to continue on with the way I do:
So I'll tell 2 things I liked about the book and 3 things I didn't like.

But what did I think?
+1 | I liked the writing style. It just keeps you reading, I mean I did read ALL 5 BOOKS...

+2 | Entertaining. Though a big part of the book is a Bachelorette kind book, but it had a good amount of battles (and in the case of the predecessores - deaths).

-1 | The characters! And I thought America was the most frustrating one! Oh how I was wrong.

-2 | The character development was non-existent, though at times it actually did go backwards... And especially romatic-wise with that octagon? I guess triangles are overused...

-3 | Decisions. I mean sure it COULD all kinda come to be, but really? 

>Happy with the ending & choise? Yes. Though predictable, and as I loved someone else as a choice more, I was very happy and

>As a native Finnish speaker though, oh my! It sounded like the translations were put through Google Translate. It is a dystopian world, so in this country of Swendway (Sweden, Finland, Norway) I would have understood that there is a Finnish-type language that slightly resembles the one we have, but nope!
   Finnish is a very hard language and if you wan't it to just bring something extra and little to the book sure, but if you don't know it why would you put in Finnish LESSONS. I liked the effort, but I don't think the author intended those parts to be read while laughing...
     And from the depths of Google Cass ended up with Henri Jaakoppi & Eikko Petteri Koskinen. Oh, and fish soup and the famous apple "doughnuts"  that ain't actually doughnuts.
   Henri was a very sympathetic character socializing even though the lack of a common language, so at least Cass didn't Google those aspects of Finns and socializing!

Point -3 situations: And if all the suitors she had weren't enough, you brought another one of Marid!
Point -3 situationswould you just hand the throne just like that... And the ending thing? Really there is NO-ONE you contact with ideas? And you can't just change how a country is ruled like that!
Extra point situations: If you want some examples of the Finnish sentences used, here you go:
You is nice girl. How to get to know the other? 

Overall rounding everything up, I was happy with all of the aspects coming together, but I mean the main character...
Read on lovelies,

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