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Social media is a big part of our lives but at times I feel like there are way too many. Each one prizes themselves to be unique and different, yet lots of the same stuff go around all the sites.
>So which ones do I use and for what?

>We can't really say what will stick and what will disappear (like Vine).
Whether you just want to talk to people you know, find new people to talk to, talk about certain subjects, see pictures of other people's lives, see pictures of certain subjects, see videos about this or that, live stream a video, see business profiles or simply see memes about silly animals - there are so many to choose from.

In this society we feel pressure to have an account in certain places so that we can be kept "in the loop" of things. It may be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter depending on your age, country and friends but many of us want to have another account somewhere else to feel apart of the whole world.
>For example this blog: most of you readers are people whom I don't know - and I love that. It makes me feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.

A question to ask yourself before choosing your social media outlet of choise is what do you want it for. People, pictures, certain subjects (dancing, painting, huomour etc.), videos, or just a way to spend time when you are stuck in line.

The most used ones are (in order):
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest & Instagram


>I feel like it all started with Facebook. A way to communicate and find people, and for that I still sometimes use it.

>Then there is YouTube, which I love for watching videos, but I don't know where it's headed with the YouTube RED subscription.

>Then I went right into Tumblr, which I loved for seeing pictures by following different hashtags and subjects.
   I don't use it anymore since I switched to Pinterest for finding those same things, but I'm not too acting here either.

>Goodreads is my go to book catalogue app where you have a page and you can meet people, find new books, see lists, quotes and authors and vote in polls.

>Then there is Instagram which I have grown to love. I made one solely based around books (@booksonal).
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