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So every year I make a yearly post about all kinds of data I gather about the books I've read.
So this year I decided to add some data to my monthly wrap-ups as well will I've been enjoying.

2016 - link

I decided to make a list regarding the data I gather and add to my Excel and show some charts and explain some decisions

READ table - contains: title, rating, author, publication year, language, mark if it's part of a series, date read, genre, mark if I've reviewed it, edition (physical, e-, audio,  ARC) and times I've reread it

For example: 
       Title                                                      rating      author         public.    lang.     series  date read       genre

(stand alone: s. open series: o, finished series f)

EBOOKS table - contains: title, author, rating

OWN/TBR table - contains: title, stars, author, language, genre

SERIES tables - finished/won't continue, currently in the middle of, and the amount of books in the series

CLASSICS: a table for all author with bindups and listed all its contents (plays, short stories...) with title, rating, and order that it's in the book

CHARTS: monthly count, yearly count, star rating, genres of both read and owned

(So the genres are a bit weird but if one catagory is technically a subcatagory of another - like fantasy and magic - you choose the one that is closest and if there isn't one you take a broader one.
So if it's a fantasy book without magic you choose fantasy.
It's been working for me, but I admit it's very peculiar.)

Read on lovelies,

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