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1. Wicked - Favourite fictional friendship
The Harry Potter trio, and everyone else that belong

2. Sweeney Todd - Favourite villain
I love to hate Umbridge she just gets me so angry and aren't strong feelings a mark of a good writer?

3. Phantom of the Opera - Favourite love triangle
This is the hardest question because I tend to strongly dislike this trope but I'll go with the Infernal Devices, but at the same time I don't feel like that's a good answer because I didn't like the triangle nor really how it was resolved but I really liked the relationships when they weren't a jumbled mess.

4. The Lion King - Favourite sidekick
The trio from Gallagher Girls (that turns into a pentagon?) is one of my favourites since all their storylines worked well and were entertaining on their own.

5. Grease - Least favourite ending
The White Rabbit Chronicles. I think the ending worked well and I liked it, but I hated how one characters death was resolved by just getting a replacement in the last book.
(also read my answer to q7)

6. Matilda: The Musical - Favourite adaptation of a book
The movie for Howl's moving castle is one I love

7. Les Miserables - Favourite death in a book
I'm picking a controversial one - The Divergent trilogy (y'all know the end of Allegiant). Now while I hated that it happened - doesn't that show how Roth had us wrapped around her finger and made us feel all those things?
Don't get me wrong I absolutely loathe that that character died but it was so well done, so I hate it and I love it.

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