Unhaul & Maybe Pile


The 5th Wave
All the Bright Places
I Was Here
Geography of You and Me
Boy Nobody
Rebel Belle 1-2
Shadow Society
The Heir
Lips Touch
Nine Lives of Chloe King 1-3
Shadow and Bone (the only one I haven't read from this list)
Anomaly 1-2
Isle of the Lost
Etiquette and Espionage 1-4
Love Letters to the Dead
Dash and Lily's Book of Dares
Every day
Mind Games 1-2
The Squad 1-2
Daughter of Smoke and Bone 1-3
Legend 1-3
Soul Surfer
Teemestarin kirja
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Christie: Hercules, Baghdad
Raven Boys (I have yet to read the last one, but I will)
The Fault in Our Stars (I had 2 copies)


I've been going through all my books and thinking about which ones to keep.
The thing is I want to look at my shelves and love all the books. So in other words I want to reread all the books I do own.
My problem is 3 star books and series. They are good. And there's the problem: good. I don't love them, would I really reread them? I reread so few books because of time, so would I really choose to reread one that I didn't love?
I used to keep all the books I read because what if as a blogger I'd like to reference back to them? But why would I if I didn't like them and furthermore wouldn't recommend them?

Oh well... So I'm thinking about these things and made a maybe pile into my closet to sort out later:
(This list has also other than 3 star books)

Hex Hall 1-3
Angelfall 1-3
Princess Academy 2-3
Throne of Glass 2-3 (I'm at least keeping the novellas and the 1st one for sentimental reasons)
They All Fall Down
Red Queen (Will I continue to the 3rd book?)
Study in Charlotte (I don't know if I'll continue)
I see London, I see France

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