Fictional Characters Should Read These Books

I think these different fictional characters should read these books and genres:

Harry Potter:
Adventure & action
Weirdly I'd actually recommend the Harry Potter books. Especially to the Harry before he gets to know he's a wizard. The books can teleport you to a whole different world that will inspire.

Attention gripping that'll take his mind away from his family.
I'd say a low fantasy with a crime/mystery aspect.
Maybe Percy Jackson?

Something nerdy that she can learn more from.
So definitely non-fiction, and maybe science related since how muggles think is interesting.
Soonish could be a good one for futuristic inventions, or not.

Contemporary romance with a strong female lead.
Or actually The Lunar Chronicles could be great!

Something quirky maybe even a sci-fi.
Furthermore could be the one to go with.

Mystery, thriller - immersive, fast paced and something the reader can try to solve.
I could see Locke & Key working out.

Read on lovelies,

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