The Bookshelf II

Book Tag

I did this tag over two years ago found here and have Definitely changed it, so decided to do it again!
          Some "rules":
              The book (s) you answer with must be from your bookshelf.
              And include a picture of your bookshelf if you'd like to and if possible

The bookshelf. You might notice that I've gotten rid of lots of books.
By color with black & white ones in the cubes

Your bookshelf
1) Describe your bookshelf & where you got it from?
>Ikea cubes, the 5x5, and another one attached to the side from...somewhere
From top: TBR/CR,
ongoing series, classics x2

2) How do you organize it?
>I made a post two years back with how I used to do it, link.
But now? There's basically 4 sections: starting from the right-hand-side bottom - classics (by series and height), series I haven't finished (by height, mostly), my TBR (by date bought) and then on top of the main shelf: everything else, by color (a) I can easily find them rather remembering the color than the author and b) it's aesthetically really pleasing and doesn't look cluttered)

3) Thickest book? (pages)
>Winter with 824 pages.
4) Thinnest book? (pages)
>The Twits, 96 pages

5) Birthday gift
>Well I got Renegades last Christmas from my sister, does that count?

6) Smallest book? (Hight & Width)
>I've got some mass market paperbacks (though I try to never get them),
but my copy of Peter Pan suprised me when it came (it is the height of a mmp but wider, and adorable) :) link
16101115and my copy of Lord of the Flies suprised me as well (the width of a mmp but taller) link

7) Biggest book? (Hight & Width)
>My Barnes&Noble leather bound edition of Hans Christian Andersen!
>For paperbacks it's Thorn or Wonder Woman, which are taller than most of my hardbacks!
8) From a friend?
>Latest one was probably Sapphire Blue

9) Most expensive book?
>I'd say around 20 euros maybe?

10) Last book you read?
>The Idiot Brain & currently I'm reading Sea Witch

11) First one you read?
>Actually read by myself probably one of the Ella books by Timo Parvela, a Finnish author

12) More than one copy
>I have the same book in both Finnish and English for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Pride and Prejudice. But same language and same book? None

13) Complete series
>Well lots, but the one with the biggest amount of books in the series would be Harry Potter, with 7

2845859814) Newest addition
>When Dimple Met Rishi

15) Has been on your shelf FOREVER
>Elli norsutyttö, a childrens book that my Grandmother used to read to me

16) Most recently published
>Sea Witch, received as an e-arc

17) Oldest book (as in the copy)
>Murder on the Orient Express, 1991 so not old at all

18) Book you won
>I think the only book I've won was Half Lost (through GoodReads), which I gave to my brother

19) Hate to let out of your sight (aka wouldn't let someone borrow)
>I actually don't mind lending my books, I like them to look worn and well read...
But maybe the one I talked about in question 15

20) Most beat up
>And the same answer goes here

21) Most pristine book
>Season of You & Me, the only physical book on my shelf that I haven't read. (There are also books I originally read from the library then later bought copies, and so haven't read that copy of)
22) Book from your childhood
>Babe by Dick King-Smith, when I was young I actually read it every summer for around 7 years in a row

23) Book that's not actually your book
>Cuckoo's Calling is my brothers, but was on my shelf so I'd read it (have yet to though)

24) Special cover (e.g. leather bound, soft, fuzzy, etc.)?
>Hans Christian Andersen, Barnes&Nobel leather bound edition

25) Favourite cover
>I really LOVE my Harry Potter editions! I chose to go with the signature editions when I bought them.
>Also I really LOVE my Hunger Games foil editions
>Oh and the classic lines by Sara Singh for Emma, P&P and Jane Eyre

26) Has been on your shelf the longest and you STILL haven't read?
>Well actually since I'm doing the TBR thing I've talked about (you can read an old post here) I only have 1(!!!). Also a link to my 2018 updated TBR post is here
So the answer is Season of You & Me, which I got last summer

27) Any signed books?
>Torch Against the Night

Read, read, read,

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