If I Wrote a Book

People ask me if writing a book is a dream of mine, but my answer is always no. I don't think I could ever be able to:
a) write one,
b) have a story developed enough
or even c) have a original and creative story.

Every once in a while I do think of characters or a world or story and might even write some scenes down, but a novel? Nope.

But if I were to write one, these are things I'd have to consider:

1) Who is the target audience?
2) What makes it special
3) Genre
4) POV
5) Style (readability)
6) Organization: coherence, consistency, flow
7) Length
8) Possible message
9) Characters
-possible names!
10) And then what actually happens:
setting, character, conflict, climax, resolution, details...

Personally I would probably write a fairy tale retelling with adventure, action and hints of magic and romance.

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