Kept Books, Maybe Pile and Organization

Last weeks post was about unhauling books with a goal of only owning the books I really like and want to reread.
This followup post will delve into my kept books, my maybe pile and how I've organized everything on my shelves.

When it comes to organizing my books I mainly kept them in color order since it's a fast way for me to find a book.

The top row has white to grey to black.

The second row has "colorful" books in rainbow-ish order.
Since they perfectly fit I left it like that, but when there'll be additions I'll start shifting the darker blue books to the top row.

The third row has three sections.
On the left there are my Harry Potters (and three illustrated ones in Finnish)
In the middle there are my classics (collections on the left and others on the right)
Then on the farmost right there's one book that I'm currently reading (technically this is my TBR pile, but I only have that one)

MAYBE pile:
These are located on the top shelf middle-ish, so still on my shelves with the others but slightly indented further.
    If I Stay 1
    Clockwork Angel 1-3
    Heist Society 1-3
    Snow Like Ashes 1-3
    Impostor 1-2
I'll be reading the first few chapters of each to see if I'm interested anymore after which I'll decided if I'll keep any of them.

Maybe: 12
Keeping: 81 classics (+1 duplicate), HP (+3 duplicates) = 95 (+4)
^ The duplicates I have are copies in Finnish

Read on lovelies,

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