How Well Do I Know My Books

How Well Do I Know My Books? TAG

I won't be using numbers leading to specific books on my bookshelf,
instead I counted all my books (111) and divided it with the number of questions (28),
and therefore will be picking every fourth book and seeing if I can answer the following questions about the books without looking them up!
THE QUESTIONS: - Without looking at the description, tell us what the book is about!
What If? - Random scenarios with actual scientific answers -Without looking it up, what is the genre of this book?
Reaper at the Gates - YA magical fantasy - Without looking at the book, tell us what is on the cover!
The Naturals Killer Instinct - a young woman in black
- Without looking it up, what is the main character's name?
If I Stay - Mia? (yup!) - Without looking, name a side character!
Snow Like Ashes - no idea, can't even think of the main characters name... - Guess how many pages the book has without looking! (If you guess 25 below or 25 above the number, you can count it as a win!)
Uncommon Criminals - 300? (302! I'm as surprised as you) - Without looking it up, what rating did you give this book? If you land on a book you haven't read, pick a new set of numbers.
United We Spy - 5 (last in one of my favorite series!) - Without looking, where does this book take place?
Through the Zombie Glass - The US? might be too big of a place for the answer, but I'll go with it (I couldn't find the answer!) - Without looking, what are the parent's names?
Poison Study - First of all, what a question! And no I have no idea at all. I'm not even sure if the parents were mentioned, and can't find it - Without looking at the hardback, what color is the book under the dust jacket?
I moved on to the next hardback: All In - Blue? Nope it was black - Without looking, is there anything on the hardback? Like an imprint or an image of some sort?
Again, moved to the next hardback: Bad Blood - Nope nothing there (true!) - Without taking the dust jacket off, what is the color of the font on the hardback?
P.S I Like You - the background is pink with white sides, so maybe pink? or silver? (Well it was pink, but I got the background colors the other way) - Without looking do the chapters have titles or are they just numbered?
Divergent - just numbers (yup) - Without looking at the book cover, does it have an award on it?
Love, Lies and Spies - Nope - Without looking, does this book have any author blurbs on the front cover?
Lola and the Boy Next Door - I'm saying yes, but that's purely a guess (They were all on the back) - Without looking, does the book have a description on the back?
The Kiss Quotient - Yes? (it does) - Without looking, does this book have an author photo?
The Kiss Deception - nope - Without looking it up, is this author using a pen name?
Eliza and Her Monsters - I don't think so - Without peaking, what POV is this book written in? 1st or 3rd?
Daughter of the Pirate King - 1st - Without looking are there any pictures or graphics in this book?
Cinder - nope - Without looking, does it have an epilogue?
The Assassin's Curse - yes (wrong) - Without looking, does this book have a prologue?
River Secrets - yes (correct) - Without looking, is this book signed?
The Rose and the Dagger - nope - Without looking, do the page numbers have a design above or below them or none at all?
Forest Born - no? (well the first letter does have some drawings) - Without looking, do the chapter headers have designs on them?
Harry Potter ja Azkabanin vanki (illustrated edition) - yes, the whole book is pretty much - Without looking, are the acknowledgements in the front or the back of the book?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - back? (didn't have any!) - Without looking, what year was this book published?
Pride and Prejudice - oh boy, 1850? (1815, wasn't too far at all!) - Without looking, what year did you read this book?
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - 2015? (2014)

So I got 18/28 right, so it seems that no I don't really know my books too well.
Or that I know half of them?

Read on lovelies,

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