Helsinki Book Fair 2020

The annual Helsinki Book Fair For 2020 was done completely electronically this year. You still had the chance to see everything - but from home this year.

By getting a full time ticket it was possible to see hundreds of shows either live or afterwards until the 8th of November. Though there were some technical difficulties, I was able to see everything I wanted to, and hopefully so could everyone else!

If you’ve seen my book fair posts from previous years (201920182017) I usually overview what the theme was and what I saw, with an emphasis on the books I saw and got. This year my experience was completely different, and not just the fact that it was online. This year I wanted to actually watch the shows, and almost skimmed through the books I saw. (Don’t get me wrong though, I now have a longer tbr list!)

Some of the shows I saw:

- True Crime (as a concept, ethics, audio format)

- Miika Nousiainen (new book, and humorous talk of regular people)

- Thomas Kyrö (10-year book character anniversary)

- Lars Kepler (new book, writing as a couple)

- Perttu Pölönen (first book, future if technology and being prepared for changes)

+ others e.g. being an audiobook reader, Jo Nesbo and Tarja Halonen

I definitely enjoyed being able to see so many shows, with lots of variety and I look forward to next year like always.

Thank you again to @helsinginkirjamessut for the tickets!

Read on lovelies,

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