Authors I Haven't Read Anything By

Top 10

Some of these might come as shocks to you guys... And for some I am in shame and am planning to read something by them, but for most I have reasons why I have not come to read them.
Oh, and no particular order in this list!
1. Alexandra Bracken- The Darkest Minds
>I have this and Never Fade, but have not read them yet...

2. Markus Zusak- The Book Thief
>I'll come to it... My brother has it so no excuse either

3. Dan Brown- the Da Vinci Code
>I really want to read this! But I don't have it and my TBR (To Be Read) is so big I won't justify myself for buying it.

4. Christopher Paolini- Eragon
>I have them... But I just, I don't know.... I will eventually...

5. Stephen King- Carrie / Under the Dome
>I am not into horror books or movies so I haven't read any...I was thinking of reading something by Stephen King, so I'll get to it. Some day.

6. Lauren Oliver- Delirium
>This I am not even planning on reading. It's not that I haven't heard good things about it, which I have, I just have heard so many bad things about the lst book. I am sure the first ones were good but I don't want to get into a series and get disapointed. There are too many good books to read anyway.

7. George R. R. Martin- A Game of Thrones
>This one I don't think I'll read either. It is a super long series and it kinda daunts me. Also in every single book my favourite character dies! Not even kidding! Cause I usually have my favourite character as side character... Anyway so I know almost everyone dies in this series so I'd get annoyed.

8. Rainbow Rowell- Eleanor and Park / Fangirl
>I have Fangirl so I shouldn't have any reason to not read it. I haven't since I guess all the hype is making me not want to read it. I have heard so many things constantly about it and so I haven't been in the mood for reading it. But soon I will since the hype is dying and all...

9. Richelle Mead- Vampire Academy
>I will read it before the movie comes. But why I haven't read it so far? That would be because. I don't exactly know... Huh... I guess I'm not into vampires, leading me to the next one:

10. Stephenie Meyer- Twilight
>Now I know you are all suprised! BUT, here me ouT! I have not read them and will not since the movies ruined the books for me. I have seen the first two or three and really hated them! I hated (sorry for the lovers) Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as an actors and actress. I kept laughing at them and sure the story line was nice but when I started reading Twilight I kept thinking them as the asctors playing them and I didn't enjoy not getting to imagine it for my own.


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