Top 5 Wednesday

Lainey (a lovely youtuber)

So you might be saying "What does that mean", and so I will tell you. Lainey created this "Tag"ish thing, where every Wednesday you would pick your top 5 of a certain thing she comes up with. You can go check from youtube who  are the other lovely people participating in this.
So this weeks T5W is top sequels. Now this is a hard one for me since... well seqels aren't always that good. But this got me thinking of some good ones.
In no particular order!:

1. Clockwork Prince- Cassandra Clare
>Even though I didn't exactly LoVe The Mortal Instruments but I did read The Infernal Devices...And I LoVeD iT! I absolutely loved this series and thought the action to be quite extravagant.
2. Sapphire Blue- Kerstin Gier
>I loved the first one, Ruby Red, and continued straight to Sapphire Blue.
3. A Million Suns- Beth Revis
>I absolutely loved this book! I didn't have any suspects and I was suprised by so many things. It did not follow any normal story line or characters which was great.
4. Fire- Kristin Cashore
>This one is not exactly a sequel but a companion novel. Many people have disliked this as a second book since it does not follow the greatness of the first one. The story is great but the writing is very different and it doesn't follow the same characters (let alone the same world).
5. The Elite- Kiera Cass
>I didn't exactly like the first one that much but I did want to continue on with the series and it kept on getting better by the page.
Hope you are having a great day!

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