Top 5 Wednesday

Recommendations to new readers

1. This one is quite obvious but new readers might not have read it so:
Harry Potter *everyone cheers*

2. Divergent
This is one of the best series I have ever read! It only has three books, not long ones, so people won't need to drag themselves through loads of books to know what happens. It had such a good plot and the development during th ebooks was amazingly written. Everything was thought of.

3. Hunger Games
This one is popular and for good reasons. I think new readers would want to keep reading and finnish it for it keeps you interested.

4. Graceling
This one is one of my personal favourites which has some romance and loads of action in a fantasy world. Who would not love it?
Well I know some but thats not my point...

5. The Fault in Our Stars / The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
I know everyone doesn't like a good kick- series so these are my top two contemporary books. The other one, The Stat... , being short and funny and the other, TFiOS, an investment of your heart and tears (some for joy don't worry).

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