Top 5 Wednesday

April 23rd
Fictional Technology

1. The Infernal Devices
-Everything Henry Branwell made in these books were absolutely great. The ideas and his failures combined really made them special.

2. Etiquette and Espionage
-There is this one device that someone made that could paralize a robot for 5 seconds so that you could get past it and sneak on the ship, I found  that so smart! Andit came quite handy.

3. Hex Hall
-In this trilogy there is a portal that could take you anywhere. Even though the further you went the harder it was for your body I found this to be amazing. I mean who would not like one?

4. Gallagher Girls
-I don't have any one thing for this. More on how I liked the technology over all in this series. Code hacking, trackers, mini microphones and pretty much anything a spy needs.

5. Across the Universe
-The main character and her parents were frozen and stored set to wakeup in a couple of hundred years to help then when th eship lands. This was very smart of them, since they really had to have someone at the end who was in the beginning to oversee everything. I'm not saying anyone should make this, just that for the reason they needed people to be saved was a smart way.

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