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Favorite book(s)?
This is a tough question that I get asked a lot. And I can't give one title! There are multiple genres and I love some books I love equally and for different reasons. Anyone else get annoyed after hearing this question?
Why am I doing a list then? Yesterday I got asked these questions, once again, and I started thinking, what would they be? Here are some:

All-time favorite:
Harry Potter

Favorite (Longer) Series:
Gallagher Girls

Action-Romance-Fiction (my favorite genre):
1. Ruby Red
2. Graceling

Only Romance:
Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

More serious:

Favorite author(s)?
Now this question is even harder! Most people know I love the Harry Potter books and so they ask is she your favorite author? Well no, see a favorite author needs to be one who you love all the books they have written. Someone who when you know they are writing a new book, you pre-order it and wait so exuberantly! And I haven't read the Casual Vacancy and don't really want to right now. And Cuckoos Calling? Haven't read, probably will, but that is not my point. What I'm saying is, this reaction is not how you should feel of a favourite author! Sure the writer of  your favorite books comes close to ths top, but it might only be your favorite book not author.
So what are mine?
Simply I just don't know. I tried making a list and it didn't go well. Like with music I like particular songs all by different singers/bands. Only with some singers I like more than 3 songs by them. So books then? How does one pick a favorite author when they can't even decide on a favorite singer?
So I am sorry to say I don't have an answer for that. Maybe in the future.

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