Read This Month


Wow time flies fast, I didn't realize it is already May so this is late, but here it is :)

1. All Our Yesterdays
2. If I stay
3. Where She Went
4. The Darkest Minds (TBR jar)
5. Princess Bride (CftM)
6. The Host
7. Eon (1/2)

So it hadn´t been much of a reading month for me and won't be this month either since I am leaving next week. So unfortunately I will not be able to post at all next week so I have decided to put up the T5W on Monday (9th) and my normal Saturday post on Tuesday (17th). Hope that's fine :) Also I won't be able to respond to your mails that week so on that same Tuesday I hope I'll get you.
                                                           CftM--> Classic for the Month

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