Reading More Classics

Sorry or the delay! I am gone suddenly for two weeks again but I should be able to have internet to post these. But I am not 100% sure I can post in time so sorry :)

So I'm trying to read more classics and I started with Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare in January. I am planning to read one classic every month. Please do comment if you have any suggestions on what I should read next, or mail me as you know you always can (and I hope you do).

These are what I've read so far into 2014:
Jan: Romeo and Juliet
Feb: Pride and Prejudice
March: Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass
April: The Crucible
May: Princess Bride
June: Oz

For Julys classic you are able to vote on the side bar! So do check that out and I might be doing th in the future too let's see how it goes. I am not too much into that poll thing-a-bobs but yeah let's see :)

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