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So this month I took two papers from my TBR jar since I had already put Heist Society onto a shelf of  "maybe most of these I'll read this month", so I picked another one :) also I will do this next month to catch up for not taking one in March.
I haven't read that much this month since I've been gone and doing all kinds of stuff (gone to Spain for one week and then two weeks helping someone move) but here are what I did manage:

1. Eon 1/4? I kinda stopped reading it…
2. Heist Society (TBR jar)
3. Strange Angles
4. Leaving Poppy (TBR jar)
5. Wonderful wizard of Oz (CftM)
6. Shades of Earth

Also as for my reading goal for the year, 100 books, in 10 days we are half way through the year. This is why I decided to count how many books I have read to see if I can truly make it. And so ten days to go I have read 47 books out of the, half, 50. So 10 days three books? I think I'll manage :)

So do you guys have goals? If so are you anywhere near?
I think I did a realistic one with a bit of an stretch though. I think that's how it should be so you don't think you've failed at the end :)

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