The Princess Bride : Book vs Movie

Book vs. Movie (Pt. 3)

After I posted the book review on The Princess Bride multiple of you asked for me to do another book vs. movie post, and so here it is. :) I am glad to have you guys mailing me even if it is simple hi or question. After some more questions I will probably do a Q&A too since you've been asking for something like that so do send more question :)
So I watched the movie and I must say they did a good job in trying to get it all together. I was happy to see they kept a lot of the same scenes without changing Too much, as we sometimes see.

You have probably seen the green cover of this book around but I have the 25th anniversary edition (in the picture) and I think it is gorgeous.

So if you haven't read my review on this book you might want to first :)
Then you'll know what it's about and all that jazz.

So as I briefly said I thought the makers did a good job with this movie, but as usual, other than the book being better, I have my more or less negative comments about the movie:
I didn't like how they made the plots order change a bit, but I definitely did like the changes they made to make things easier for the watcher. While reading the book it was slightly hard to understand what was going about but in the movie it was simpler. I guess it was seeing the characters and where they were going, but I find it nice in books to use imagination and reading their thoughts when they go about.

Also in my book review I wrote about not understanding the end, well the movie completely skipped the whole thing! So no solving my thoughts there either!

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