Time and Series

I've been on a journey regarding my TBR (To Be Read: books you own and haven't read). As you might know if you've been following my blog - I made an arrangement with myself, that I would read all the books I'd bought and not read before that year. (You can read more about that and how it worked here: link)

Other than not bying that many books, part of being able to reduce my TBR was not rereading that many books.
I LOVE rereading books because:
a) you know you'll love it
b) It's like reconnecting with an old friend
c) You get the perfect book for your mood, and sometimes you just really don't wanna get dissapointed
& d) it doesn't take as long as reading a new book

So not rereading books really made me appreciate how much I truly love doing it - and now that I've gotten my TBR down I'm loving rereading!


The problem I usually have with reading series is that I don't remember what happened in the last book, and I don't have time really want to get to the next one, and won't reread it.

So if you have this issue here is a solution that I really like:
A website like Shmoop, SparkNotes, Cliffsnotes have detailed everything for a classics book. From characters to the plot and themes you can find it there to refresh your memory.
(Also it might be a good idea to have one of these open to understand a book better)

But for YA books and books that aren't on those, there are similar websites:

If the book is not there you can also always check if someone has made a spoiler review on it.

Read on lovelies,

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