ReReading Old Favorites and Being Disappointed

To start off - I like rereading books, every time I read harry potter I get something new out of it.
But is that the case in all of those old favourites?


So there was this one book released 3 years ago that I really enjoyed and gave a 4 stars to. Well the sequel came out this summer and I was excited to pick it up. Then I of course realized I don't remember a single thing about the first book and decided to reread that first. We've all been there...

So my problem, and frankly the point of this whole post, is what occurred to me on the very first page of this book I used to like - I don't anymore and was extremely disappointed.
And that's a sad thing to realize, because you hold favorites high up in your thoughts and now it's below everything else. So what happened?


Let's break this down and start at what happened in that first page:
"his hair is not his best quality" Wait what? Exactly, I know I had a different taste but really?

And then I find out why I remember liking this book: "I felt like I had princess leia buns at a star trek convention"

I still found lots of these to be amusing - like I still do want that shirt that says "may the mass times acceleration be with you", but calling someone yummy just isn't my cup of tea.

And for some reason I'd always think: "well this makes up for it, the good parts make the bad go away".
Sure it makes "the feels" the main character has sound better if she compares them to demonstrating newtons law of inertia, but we shouldn't accept some things because other parts were better.


So conclusion I have changed, has the author?

So I moved on to the second book, my mindset being along the lines of "this is an experiment I have to finish" - so not a good place. But I cleared my mind and started.

Well did I end up even finishing that book?
Um, I maybe read a third and skimmed the rest...


Final thoughts: can I drop the star rating? The thing is, what I felt was valid - at that time. So can I actually do it? Or should I compromise? I have yet to come to a conclusion...

Read on lovelies,

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