The Perfect Genre

Is there a perfect genre for you?
I always go towards the same types of books, but there are factors that make all genres interesting.

We all know what we like - or not - but there are things that uniquely draw us into a book so I thought I'd analyze that a bit. What genre is perfect for each reader, and what genres are for you if you like another one.

We'll see how far I can even take this but let's start with things I crave for in a book:
Action, romance and a bit of mystery or fantasy.
I need it to be fast paced and hold my attention and I want the characters to grow.
>So I usually gravitate towards low fantasy with an action plot.

This is the first question you want to ask yourself when trying to find a new book to read: "do I want it to be a story or not". If not then do you want it to be a pondering book, the story of someones life or perhaps an explanation to a scientific wonder. The point is that with non-fiction, it's all real (maybe).

I tend to not read non-fiction because I can find it boring. When I read I want to immerse myself into something completely different. So when I do read non-fiction I usually go with a science-y book laced with humor like The Idiot Brain or What If?

Science fiction:
You don't need to be a huge fan of science, but you need to like learning about new things and inventions.
Batman by Mari Lu is a great introduction to this if you like action and want to veer from fantasy to sci-fi.

"Low" fantasy:
This is the fantasy that I tend to read. It brings a whole new world to you that you get to experience, usually right along the man character. That sort of "wait you're saying I'm not human?" is seen in countless books like Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments and it works well, though I'd like to see a different approach to this.

"High" fantasy:
They can seem intimidating since most series are so long, but the thing is the worlds are incredibly complex and you first need to learn about the world. Literally anything can happen in them, I know I couldn't come up with them.

"Pure" romance:
By this I mean it's not fantasy or sci-fi but the story involves only the romance. The types I read are "fluffy" contemporary romances with a cute and quick read which often flies by and doesn't need too much thought. Anna and the French Kiss and any of Kasie West's books are great ones like that.

If on the other hand you want some more emotions and maybe even a good cry try If I Stay or maybe 
a John Green book.

Maybe you have a short attention span or you like trying to solve a mystery this is the genre for you. You can find books from side to side depending on what type you're looking for. There are psychological thrillers for a creepier factor, mystery books revolving around romance and the always great Agatha Christie mysteries.

What counts as a "classic" is a whole other story, but there's something that appeals to me about classics. There's a reason why they are classics and they've fought against time. The writings are timeless and people back then - well they were people too.

Read on lovelies,

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