Harry Potter Spells TAG

Flagrate: Writing charm
A book that you found interesting, but would like to rewrite
Dream a Little Dream started off so well, but by the last book it didn't keep up
- - -
Alohamora: Unlocking charm
A first book in a series that got you hooked
Snow Like Ashes, so good yet it it took me years to actually finish the series
- - -
Accio: Summoning spell
A book that you wish you could have right now
To Kill a Kingdom
- - -
Avada Kedavra: Killing curse
A killer book
Renegades, was a great one!
- - -
Confudo: Confusion charm
A book you found confusing
The Princess Saves Herself in This One, I just don't tend to read poetry
- - -
Expecto Patronum: Guarding spell
Your spirit animal book
Nope can't decide
- - -
Sectumsempra: Dark curse
A dark, twisted book
Three Dark Crowns? Kind of
- - -
Expecto Patronum: Guarding spell
A childhood book connected to good mmemories
The Ella books
I recently found them on BookBeat (e-book and audiobook service) and they are hilarious
- - -
Expelliarmus: Disarming spell
A book that took you by surprise
Not that I didn't think I'd like it, but My Lady Jane was so good!
- - -
Prior Incantato: Reverse Spell
The last book you read
Pallokala was the previous one
My current read is Heart of Iron
- - -
Riddikulus: Boggart banishing spell
A funny book you've read
Herding Cats (I have a review coming up later)
- - -
Sonorus: Amplifying charm
A book you think everybody should know about
I can't say that it'll be good, book I am so looking forward to the book To Kill a Kingdom link
- - -
Obliviate: Memory charm
A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read
I have a post about reading old favorites and being disappointed and that's what happened with this one
- - -
Imperio: Controlling curse
A book you had to read for school
Well there's The Crucible
- - -
Crucio: Torture curse
A book that was painful
Alien Busters was really hard to get through
- - -

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