Book Haul 2018 II

I made a post, link, in the beginning of May titled "Book Haul 2018 Quarter I" which first of all I posted in May and secondly should've been called Tertile (or something or another?). Also there's the fact that I've been really limiting the books I buy and getting my TBR down (link here) so I was never even planning on doing multiple haul posts this year... Anyway on to the haul:

All the books I've bought and received - 2018 quarter II:
ARCs received / publisher
- - -

1. The Kiss Quotient(e-arc), e
2. When Dimple Met Rishi
3-5. Emma, P&P, Jane Eyre (new editions)
6. My Plain Jane (physical copy)
7-8. Harry Potter 2-3 (illustrated editions)
- - -

Also as a follow-up haul to last weeks one all about the Helsinki Book Fair.
What I got from there:

1. Vuosisadan rakkaustarina
2. Työmiehen vaimo
3. Elias
4. Tarinoita suomalaisista tytöistä, jotka muuttivat maailmaa
5. Pyrstötähti
- - -

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