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In the previous two years around 80 books have been added to the books I have listed read on my excel (~600 books at this point). So to see how things have changed I'm looking into those 80 books and comparing to the stats of all the books.
Still with me?

All the books (excding the last 2 years):

487 books,
ave. 3.15

Now to the books from October 2016 to midway of October 2018:

83 books,
ave. 3.65

Now all the books:

570 books,
ave. 3.22

Most growth
4.5  from 4.53% to 18.66%

2.5 ★ from 4.35% to 8%
3.5 ★ from 13.22% to 20%
4 ★ from 21.74% to 28%

Most dropped:
2 ★ from 15.2% to 1.33%

3 ★ from 27.7% to 17.33%
1 ★ from 4.89% to 2.66%
5 ★ from 7.6% to 4%

So what do these tell me? It tells me that I've been rating books better, hopefully meaning that I've liked the books better, which tells me that I've come to know what types of books I like and I've focused on them. Yes I do realize that my 5 star rated books have also dropped, but so have 1-3.
Which is actually kind of surprising me since I feel like I've been expanding what I read and picking up things that I used to not. Which apparently is a very good thing!

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