The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One : Review

The Mermaid's Voice Returns in This One by Amanda Lovelace


The third and final installment in her "women are some kind of magic" series.

Goodreads' link to the book!

My review of the first two: link

Stars: ✦✦✦
So what did I think?

It's no secret that I don't tend to read poetry - that is I think I've ever read a handful. And even though I didn't love the first two, I wanted to continue on to the third installment - which even though I didn't love either I'm glad I read.

Maybe I don't read poetry because only a few within the book really get to me, but the ones that do are really impactful. This is why I feel funny giving this a star rating, because there were some hits and some misses. And poetry as a whole is so dependent of the reader, so even though I didn't give it the best rating I'd still recommend you to try it.

For my favorite poems (and quotes) you can check my Goodreads quote list (link)

+1 | It also included poetry from other guest authors!

> I would caution you when reading them, there are some trigger warnings on the very first page.

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