400th Post

This right here is my 400th post(!), and I still can't believe that that is how many I've done!

I started in October 2013 with five reviews back to back (Graceling, Hunger Games, Gallagher Girls, Throne of Glass, Infernal Devices - all the ones everyone were reading). Actually, maybe I should go back and re-read Graceling and see how a review now would compare to my very first one? I'll put it into my thinking cap.

Then in 2014 I had a whopping 97 posts, with 12 alone in July! I started out with posts twice a week, T5W's (Top 5 Wednesdays) were here for a while.

Now it's just every other Saturday, a comfortable amount to me, with everything else going on. I haven't wanted to stop - and don't plan on for a while - even though my reasons to continue aren't all the reasons why I started.

I wrote about why I started in my very first post, and made another post four years later "Revamping an old Post" (link here). If you've read that post, then you know what I mean when I say thank you. Thank you for reading, even though it's not what I initially even really wanted. Yet here we are 400 posts later.

Read on lovelies,

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