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A wedding celebration turns dark and deadly in this deliciously wicked and atmospheric thriller reminiscent of Agatha Christie from the author of The Hunting Party.

The bride ‧ The plus one ‧ The best man ‧ The wedding planner ‧ The bridesmaid ‧ The body

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Stars: ✦✦✦✦.5
So as usual, I'll tell 4.5 things I liked about the book and 0.5 thing I didn't like.

So what did I think?

+1 | The idea and premise was immediately intriguing. Honestly the plot got me at Agatha Christie

+1 | The writing with the atmosphere on the island fitting the story perfectly

+1 | The suspense and mystery was executed really well with jumps to the past to pace the story

+0.75 | The ending. Everything made sense in the end, just the way I love in mysteries. Sure there were things that I guessed and saw coming, but I did get to feel surprised as well

+0.75 | The characters. There were many but the main ones were distinct enough. The changing pov made sense for pacing and it made me speed through

-0.5 | The book had some adult themes, and at times I felt like some were just thrown in

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