A Book Store I Loved

A Book Store I Loved

As I mentioned in my review for Legend I went to this amazing bookstore in Italy. From further investigation I found pictures online from it and wanted to share my experience there, even though from lack of time I didn't even buy anything.
So I was on my way to Rome I think, and either from where I left or in Rome, the train station had this bookstore.

So here is a picture from there (which I found online):

As you can see it had two floors and the walls were made from glass so you could see everywhere. All the books, if I remember correctly, were in english. There were setions for classics, childrens books, YA, historical, travel guides, and many many more.

I guess what mde this bookstore even more pleasant was the niceness of the staff. I always think that it is important to have them smile and help and make it a place where people can fall in love with books.
Another important thing for bookstores is to make it cozy yet arranged! Too many times I see one which seems cold with strict sections and everything the same, but thenn we also see those which are clusters. From these clusters you can find hideen treasures but not all of us have the time always. So a good in between is my favorite.

Independent bookstores are becoming more and more scarce. And I both wanting to give them money and wanting books I have had on my lists that I can't get from there... It can be a struggle. But I do tend to want to support independent bookstores, don't get me wrong. I just don't do it as often as I'd like. Also the opportunities where I live are limited to pretty much there being none of those bookstores.

Well I need to go so have a lovely week all you lovely people!

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