Read This Month


1. Soul Surfer (TBR)
2. Four
3. Emerald Green
4. Kiss of Deception
.5 Harry Potter and the half blood prince (reread)
.6 The statistical probability of love at first sight (reread)
7. Frankenstein (CotM)
8. The Falconer
9. Is everyone hanging out without me? (And other concerns)
10. The Shadow Society
11. Vampire Academy, graphic novel
12. Stormbreaker, graphic novel
13. Point Blanc, graphic novel
14. Skeleton Key, graphic novel
15. Eagle Strike, graphic novel
16. The Red Pyramid, graphic novel
17. 5th Wave 1/2

Question for you guys, do I count the graphic novels for my '100 books this year' thing? I'm thinking no, maybe, yes?

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